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easy to use  
The interface is easy to understand, easy to use, and ergonomic

examples of customisation



digital volonteering 
Your personal volunteer from Freenity provides uninterrupted technical and content support for your community. 

choose your  language
User access to publications in over 40 languages across the world.

Your own design beautifully reflects the personality of your community. You can choose your own colours, backgrounds and logo. 

free to use 
It is free to create your own channel to share your news with your community.

web interface  
You have control over publications from your community - add and delete authors, edit their posts etc.

easy to use  
The interface is easy to understand, simple to use, and very much ergonomic.


digital volonteer

Join us by becoming a digital volunteer! Or simply by joining our exciting journey!


We want to contribute to helping communities change the world for the better.


We want to bring together specialists from various fields - design, programming, journalism and provide them with the opportunity to contribute to the development of world-changing communities of all different shapes and sizes.


We know that for this we need a new, independent and functional tool - this is Freenity.


We are a young and small team keen on growth and expansion, therefore we are always looking for opportunities to work with other communities, charities and similar organisations. We also welcome volunteers from many different backgrounds and have a range of positions available within Freenity.


If you are interested in joining us, please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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