5 July , 2020

We are developing the shop section for the family of Freenity websites. It will provide administrators an easy way to sell their own products and receive payment. This will help them develop their activities.

4 July , 2020

In the near future we will present a messenger inside our websites. Registered users will be able to communicate with the community administration and with each other, as well as create groups for different tasks.

3 June , 2020

We have been working on the logo for for the past week. Our designers generated many ideas - now you can see how the logo is created.

Such a task requires attention to a lot of nuances - shape, line thickness, color content. We also expanded the globe to see Colombia - Maria Jose from there.

3 June , 2020

The completion of the design of the template application.

The task of UX design is to make a convenient template that will simply be adapted to the needs of communities.

3 June , 2020

We have implemented a new feature which allows the community administration to create categories for a convenient way of organising posts.

Categories are created in the administrative control panel of the community web page and are available for content creators to make a post.

Now categories work for,,
and other community pages.

2 June , 2020

Posts will be loaded into the section and the editor will be able to choose what he considers necessary to publish. Thus, the AI editor is trained in the selection of the necessary information.

10 April , 2020

Two innovations in Freenity: Special posts - visually highlighted posts from the standard posts in the feed. Suggested posts - community members or visitors can offer web page editors their posts.

9 March , 2020

We are working hard on the design and functionality of the future application template. We are trying to make it as easy as possible to keep it very user friendly.

16 February , 2020

What are you looking forward to in 2020? The Freenity app is currently being designed and we are really excited that it will be launched in 2020! Watch this space and stay tuned to find out more.